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About Us

AP Chemical is a prominent chemical and fertilizer trading company based out of Singapore, with a world-class team that aspires to tackle the food supply obstacle of the world.

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Business Units

We trade fertilizers and industrial chemicals sourced from our most responsible and environmentally-friendly suppliers, with the help of a supply chain system that makes it possible for us to scale rapidly.

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The team at AP Chemical strives to source for products and implement work flows that are both sustainable and efficient.

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News Room

Our Insights

Find the latest news from the fertilizer industry with in-depth research and analysis. Our insights are shared by a team of dedicated staff who are constantly on the lookout for interesting and informative news pieces to share with our audience. The objective of our Newsroom is to keep our audiences abreast of everything happening in our industry.


At AP Chemical, you will be rewarded with a fulfilling and exciting career by working with the best minds in the industry.

Working Culture

There is constant mentoring not only in the workplace, but outside the office too. At AP Chemical, the focus is to mould employees to become better professionals and human beings.

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