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We are passionate about creating an environment in which all our stakeholders thrive, including farmers and the environment. The suppliers that we engage are identified through their involvement in sustainable practices. Creating a supply chain of environmentally-friendly organizations to associate with have been our priority.

Demonstration of how we build a sustainable supply chain:

  1. We map out the entire supply chain which identifies the impact, risks, threats, and wastage associated. This enables us to account for the resources, both natural and human, that are involved in the operations and production process.
  2. We stress on creating not just operational changes, but also bringing about a change in the behaviour of all stakeholders. We develop training programs where we showcase success stories and share case studies of other organizations that have successful supply chain management.
  3. Leveraging the power of technology. With rapid advancements in technology, we are able to collaborate with other businesses and mutually establish sustainable practices.
  4. Involvement in industry collaborations. Our collaborations help us set common standards, allow us to evaluate suppliers using the same metrics, and formulate best practices for sustainable performance.
  5. Developing tracking tools, monitoring supplier performance over time with periodic internal evaluations.

Our supply chain elements are transparent and the focus is for our standards to be the gold standard in the industry.