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Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most threatening environmental issues in the 21st century. At AP Chemical, we have identified the various risks that are posed in the fertilizer industry. Steps have been taken to develop a low-carbon strategy, promotion of energy-efficiency, responsible management of carbon assets, as well as greenhouse gas emissions.

We have set up an ‘Energy Efficiency Plan’ in the form of a document that methodically and strategically adheres to environmentally-friendly practices at all levels. This document gives our suppliers ample opportunities to stick to energy-saving operations by reducing consumption and controlling the emission of greenhouse gases from their facilities.

Some of the initiatives that have helped us stem the production of greenhouse gases:
  1. Energy efficiency through optimisation techniques.
  2. Using low-temperature heat whenever possible.
  3. Creating product lines that use only clean energy like natural gas and hydrogen.
  4. Purchasing materials that are eco-friendly.
  5. Complete overhaul of the incumbent systems which are not climate-friendly.
  6. Using renewable energy such as wind power, solar power, and biofuels.
  7. Energy conservation monitoring and constant diagnosis.
  8. Conducting Greenhouse gas auditing.