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Supply Chain

The staff at AP Chemical are seasoned professionals whom are fluent across the entire supply chain. From the point of supplier acquisition to distribution, logistics, and marketing, we have set out best practices across the entire network.

We have a strong affiliation with our suppliers, vendors, logistics partners, as well as all other internal and external stakeholder, thus making it possible to maintain the highest standards across our entire work process. Our Business Control Procedures (BCP) have withstood the test of time because it is crafted based upon our experience over the years.

Why do we believe so much in our supply chain abilities?

  1. We interact at regular intervals with our supply chain specialists to find out if there are any areas that requires improvements or revaluations.
  2. Our interactions involve all relevant stakeholders. We get insights from different perspectives when applying this method.
  3. We maintain the strictest standards for ourselves and our business partners.
  4. We choose to work only with established, responsible and ethical suppliers and vendors.
  5. Maximizing cost and operational efficiency is a top priority for us.