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What We Do

Founded in 2007, AP Chemical is a supplier of fertilizers and chemicals along with offering supply chain services to its customers around the world. As of today, we have delivered more than 2,100,000 metric tons of fertilizers to 16 countries. AP Chemical supplies all nutrients including Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium and Magnesium. We are proud to be a medium which helps to meet the world’s growing demands for food.

We constantly strive to build a better world by increasing food production sustainability while adding value to our customers. Our business framework ensures that all our decisions impact our various stakeholders in a positive way.

For farmers and growers around the world, AP Chemical provides plant nutrition solutions at the highest quality at competitive prices. Think of us as a one-stop shop for fertilizers, industrial chemicals, and supply chain services. Even if you are looking for more formulated products, we have the capabilities to fulfil them.

With world-class capabilities such as our vast distribution and logistics network, we provide fertilizers and chemicals to the agricultural world while ensuring that it does not harm the environment in any way by engaging in sustainable practices at all levels of our operations.