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Who We Are

A chance encounter resulted in our founder meeting key personnel from K+S AG (German chemical company). He was working for a company in Singapore that was dealing in natural resources. Our founder entered into a business partnership which entailed him to market K+S’ products to a new segment. It was at this time that the idea for AP Chemical germinated and we were registered as an entity in 2007. K+S has been one of our biggest partners since.

We are aware of our responsibilities towards the environment and our various stakeholders, thus our drive to create a sustainable business. Being a for-profit company, we aspire to care for the environment while achieving a superior bottom-line.

By 2050, the world needs to grow food for 10 billion people. This motivates us. We want to be a pioneer when it comes to increasing food production. With the methods and processes that we have set in place, we aim to play a pivotal role in achieving this figure comfortably.

We promise to deliver high-quality fertilizers and chemicals to help farmers rise to the challenge. For us, excellence and integrity are above everything else. With a deep understanding of our indebtedness towards the various communities who are a part of our global ecosystem, we work with the best interests of everyone in mind.