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Supply Chain

From materials sourcing and acquisition, product manufacturing, forecasting and planning to sales and inventory management, all stages in the supply chain are equally important.

If any area of the supply chain is not functioning efficiently, it can be disastrous for the business since the final product delivered might not be of the correct specifications nor be of the highest quality. These reasons are why we spend a lot of our resources on optimizing the workflow in our supply chain.

We ensure that there are no shortcuts that compromise any juncture of the end-to-end process, thus the quality, reliability, trust-worthiness, and the cost-effectiveness of working with us will always be adhered to the highest standards.

What makes our supply chain highly productive?

  • There is close and constant interaction between the different business units, integrated in such a way that facilitates easy information exchange.
  • We execute our strategy with extreme detail and precision, from tender projects to transportation and logistics based on in-house forecasts and planning in order to meet future demand.
  • We have strict sourcing policies that our vendors have to adhere to, together with a manual detailing guidelines that needs to be complied with.
  • We have several contingency plans in place so to ensure that our customers do not suffer from any delays as a result of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Monthly reviews of all our business units are conducted to evaluate our performance, discuss the challenges faced and how to improve moving forward.
  • We continuously follow up with all stakeholders whom are connected within our supply chain network. We are constantly finding ways to increase efficiency and productivity which helps reduce the cost of operations.