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AP Chemical is one of the leading chemical and fertilizer trading companies in Singapore. Our name signifies quality and trust for our customers whom are spread across the globe.

What We Do

We distribute high quality fertilizers and a wide range of industrial chemicals. At AP Chemical, we are committed to creating a sustainable business that does not harm the environment.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2007 by Mr Roger Tan, AP Chemical endeavours to empower the food and agriculture industry by proving world-class fertilizers to cater towards the ever-growing global population.

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Our Business Model & Strategy

Our intentions are to optimize the global food supply chain, reduce carbon emissions from its facilities, find and implement innovative methods to enhance cost efficiency while improving the quality of the products whilst achieving higher throughput. Building a sustainable business that is mutually beneficial to our partners, vendors, and employees is at the forefront of our operations.

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Risk Management

At AP Chemical, we are aware of our incredible responsibility towards the environment when dealing with the food and agriculture industry. We are fully committed to sourcing for suppliers that adhere to the guidelines laid out by the United Nations in order to mitigate any negative consequences our operations might incur towards the environment.

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Supply Chain

All aspects of AP Chemical’s supply chain is strengthened by strategic partnerships, certifications, green sourcing, green logistics, as well as a well-oiled distribution network that makes the entire process work like a charm

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